Spiritual Intelligence

Oftentimes, we are not aware of just how intelligent we are! or even when we are cultivating our own intelligence. Take a look at the indicators and wonder about how are you exercising your spiritual intelligence.

The indications for a highly developed SQ include:

  • the capacity to be flexible (actively and spontaneously adaptive)
  • a high degree of self-awareness
  • a capacity to face and use suffering
  • a capacity to face and transcend pain
  • the quality of being inspired by vision and values
  • a reluctance to cause unnecessary harm
  • a tendency to see the connections between diverse things (being “holistic”)
  • a marked tendency to ask “Why?” or “What if?” questions and to seek ‘fundamental’ answers
  • being what psychologists call ‘field-independent’  – possessing a facility for working against convention

Zohar, D., & Marshall, I. N. (2000). SQ: Spiritual intelligence, the ultimate intelligence. London: Bloomsbury.