Each one of us has the capacity to change. To facilitate change in healthy, pervasive, and enduring ways, we must cultivate self awareness, listen carefully to our own feelings and thoughts, develop new brain circuitry, and maintain a strong determination to create the suitable changes.

I provide an atmosphere to help orient and guide your journey of positive change.

“If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.”

Sometimes a little spark of insight can immediately inspire a healthier direction. The following pieces are designed to ignite. Enjoy!


Victoria Community Mental Health Resources:

Vancouver Island Crisis Line:

Victoria Women's Transition House:
(ph): 250-385-6611

Citizen's Counselling Centre of Victoria:

Capital Mental Health Association:

Victoria Mental Health Centre (Eric Martin Pavilion):
Phone: 250.370.8175

Good online resources:
Centre for Mental Health and Addictions (CAMH) is a wonderful source for information.

Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association:

Somatic Transformation: