A person with anxiety might experience panic attacks, missed heartbeats, a pressure on the chest, a churning stomach, shaking hands, feeling weak and faint, sweating, blurred vision, and a variety of other uncomfortable symptoms. These physical symptoms may be accompanied by a lack of confidence, anger, imaginations and strange thoughts. These physical and emotional effects, along with our thoughts, cause more fear, more adrenalin to be released, and around and around we go on this vicious cycle.

How to help break the cycle

Floating, facing, acceptance and letting time pass can break this damaging cycle.

Float towards the symptoms you get … don’t fight them. If you try to fight, you pump more adrenalin. Float past tension, fear, and unpleasant or unwelcome thoughts. Let them come … don’t resist or reject them. Loosen your attitude towards tension.

Face your thoughts and fears instead of trying to be rid of them by pushing or forcing them out. Simply be with them – and become curious.

Accept your condition … simply say “More and more, I am learning to accept this.” Utter acceptance of your symptoms is part of the solution and helps break this cycle that involves fear and then more symptoms that generate more fear…

Letting Time Pass
Letting time pass seems hard, as people naturally want to be at peace right now. You can indeed have moments of peace immediately. However, for enduring peace, allow and accept that the healing process requires time. It takes time to repair a broken bone and so it takes time to repair your sensitized nervous system.

Paradoxically, full recovery lies in the places and experiences you fear the most. By guiding you through, I can help you come to peace with those places and experiences you fear, thereby freeing you from your debilitating cycle.