Appreciation is an ever-available simple intervention.
Appreciation is like a much-needed rainfall to a farmer’s crops that have been withering in a drought. Just as the crops start to shrivel and die without water, human relationships also start to feel brittle without a steady application of the nourishing, even life-giving, impacts of appreciation.

The dictionary defines appreciation as “a favorable critical estimate,” “sensitive awareness” and “an expression of admiration, approval or gratitude.” When you appreciate someone, you are tuned into a positive quality of another human being and express this. How often do you take the time to express those sentiments to others or even to yourself? If you’re like most people, the idea of expressing appreciation to another person on a regular basis might seem quite novel. Another meaning of appreciation is “an increase in value.” We often associate this idea with real estate, or fine art, but by practicing appreciating another we can notice and feel an increase in value of that particular relationship.

Acts of kindness, such as appreciation, alter the brain chemistry in a positive way elevating mood and sense of well-being. This change is enjoyed first and foremost by the giver of the appreciation. The recipient is a beneficiary of the act of kindness, as can be third-party witnesses. One simple act can provide benefit to many people!

Appreciation is a dynamic energy force, functioning according to scientific principles. This energy can be harnessed by anyone. The enormous difference in brain functioning that occurs when people are thinking and feeling appreciation is profound. Try it and notice how you internally experience your expressions of appreciation.